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Mount Icon.png

Mounts are an important gameplay element in Realm Royale. You can summon a mount to move faster. If you try to shoot while you are on a mount or if enemies deal at damage to you while you are mounted, the mount will disappear. You can reload your weapons on a mount.

Mount Skins[edit | edit source]



Icon Mount Default.png

Mount Default.png


Obsidian Warhorse


Icon Mount ObsidianWarhorse.png

Mount Obsidian Warhorse.png

Shop Rotation (1000 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Mount Kaleidoscope.png

Mount Kaleidoscope.png

Alpha Pack

Tropical Traveler


Icon Mount TropicalTraveler.png

Mount Tropical Traveler.png

Shop Rotation (1200 Currency Crowns.png)

Cobalt Charger


Icon Mount CobaltCharger.png

Mount Cobalt Charger.png



Icon Mount Raptor.png

Mount Raptor.png

Apex Predator


Icon Mount ApexPredator.png

Mount Apex Predator.png



Icon Mount Knightmare.png

Mount Knightmare.png



Icon Mount SHIN3YTR0N.png

Mount SHIN3YTR0N.png

Sparkling Stallion


Icon Mount SparklingStallion.png

Mount Sparkling Stallion.png

Rainbow Pack

Sapphire Strider


Icon Mount SapphireStrider.png

Mount Sapphire Strider.png

Dire Wolf


Icon Mount DireWolf.png

Mount Dire Wolf.png

Sacred Wolf


Icon Mount SacredWolf.png

Mount Sacred Wolf.png

Jade Guardian


Icon Mount JadeGuardian.png

Mount Jade Guardian.png

Shop Rotation (1200 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Mount Mekkasaur.png

Mount Mekkasaur.png



Icon Mount HL-1700.png

Mount HL-1700.png



Icon Mount Blorp.png

Mount Blorp.png

Shop Rotation (1800 Currency Crowns.png)

Sanguine Warbeast


Icon Mount SanguineWarbeast.png

Mount Sanguine Warbeast.png

Neon Booster


Icon Mount NeonBooster.png

Mount Neon Booster.png

Albino Dino


Icon Mount AlbinoDino.png

Mount Albino Dino.png

Shop Rotation (1200 Currency Crowns.png)

Abyssal Fiend


Icon Mount AbyssalFiend.png

Mount Abyssal Fiend.png

Royal Griffin


Icon Mount RoyalGriffin.png

Mount Royal Griffin.png

Floofy Bounder


Icon Mount FloofyBounder.png

Mount Floofy Bounder.png

Merican Mustang


Icon Mount MericanMustang.png

Mount Merican Mustang.png



Icon Mount Smokey.png

Mount Smokey.png

Ember Emu


Icon Mount EmberEmu.png

Mount Ember Emu.png

Shop Rotation (1200 Currency Crowns.png)



Icon Mount FIDO.png

Mount F.I.D.O..png

Battle Pass (Gold: Level 20)
(BokOps / Season 5)



Icon Mount Robo-Rachnid.png

Mount Robo-Rachnid.png

Battle Pass (Gold: Level 50)
(BokOps / Season 5)

HRX Stallion


Icon Mount HRX2019.png

Mount HRX2019.png

Fiery Feline


Icon Mount FieryFeline.png

Mount Fiery Feline.png

Shop Rotation (1200 Currency Crowns.png)

Corrupted Crimson


Icon Mount CorruptedCrimson.png

Mount Corrupted Crimson.png

Scarlet Charger


Icon Mount ScarletCharger.png

Mount Scarlet Charger.png

Shop Rotation (1000 Currency Crowns.png)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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