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Quests are found in the menu and in the top right area in the zeppelin. You have three quests a day and one reroll a day. Completing each one awards 20 Currency Crowns.png Crowns. Each quest has its own meter and the most are fairly simple.

Quests[edit | edit source]

These are the random quests in Realm Royale and some tips to help you complete them.

Playing[edit | edit source]

  • Place in the top 25 in a game.
    • Tip: Playing squad will instantly finish this quest

Looting[edit | edit source]

  • Open 50 chests
    • Tip: Land in an area where there are plenty of chests (like Jade gardens or Forbidden Swamp). Open every chest you see, will help you too
  • Open 5 magic chests
    • Tip: The same tip as for the chests
  • Loot a rune
    • Tip: This is a bit harder. You won’t find runes from a kill, but you should walk away with an epic from every area there is. Want a guarantee? Loot Goblins and legendary zeppelin chests will always have a rune
  • Loot 5 weapons
    • Tip: Open a couple chests.
  • Loot 5 items of Rare or better quality
    • Tip: You can land in a place like Jade Gardens that has a lot of chests, or forge items, or do both!
  • Loot 5 items of Epic or Better qualitiy
    • Tip: You can complete this by looting a legendary zeppelin chest, Forging, or opening magic chests.
  • Get a total of 250 shards
    • Tip: You can only carry 200 shards, be sure to use some at the forge. Now you can either disenchant every unwanted thing you find, OR, the easiest way to get shards is to go out and kill a few Chickens and steal their loot. Quests carry, so you could try this quest over many matches.
  • Loot 5 potions from chests
    • Tip: Answer in “open five magic chests”
  • Loot a Legendary weapon

Fighting[edit | edit source]

  • Eliminate 3 chickens
    • Tip: If you hear gunfire, go towards it! You will be able to kill the weakened player and might be able to steal their kill
  • Use 5 health potions
    • Tip: Try to get yourself in a fight, (the easier the better) and take a break to use as many health potions as possible
  • Use 5 armor potions
    • Tip: The easiest way to get armor potions is a forge. Just forge armor potions first and you will be well off

Forging[edit | edit source]

  • Forge Items 10 Times
    • Tip: In order to forge, you need to get shards. The easiest way to get shards is to get kills. Try to find mid drop areas where you won’t get ganged up on, and go for the bots
  • Forge Health Potions 5 Times
    • Tip: Find shards! (Tips for that above) and be sure to forge health potions first
  • Forge Armor Potions 5 Times
    • Tip: Find shards! (Tips for that above) and be sure to forge armor potions first
  • Forge a rune 3 Times
    • Tip: Use your shards to get a rune first, and remember, you can do this across games
  • Forge a Scroll of Resurrection
    • Tip: Ahh, this is probably the hardest one of all. Play squad, since duo will ditch you the second the die. Anyway, get in a combat situation, engage until one teammate gets chickened, then rush to the nearest forge as soon as possible