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Who am I[edit source]

Hey, I'm Nils, one of the admins of this Wiki. I'm a simple guy from germany, who tries to upload new cosmetics of Realm Royale as soon as possible after they go live.
Also I'm currently on creating the pages for the voice lines and translating the Wiki (slowly xD) to german.^^

Wiki related stuff[edit source]

If you have some questions about all things connected with this Wiki, or maybe even the game itself, just ask, hopefully I can help :)
(Notice: I'm not a part of the Hi-Rez-/Heroic Leap-Team, so I can't help you with things like bugs or issues with your accounts).
If you just want to chat or if you have a bigger question, pls write me on Discord: Nilo1011#9076 (Only if you have Discord of course^^)
If there is an outdated image (like if a Weapon gets a rework (Example: Shredder)) or if there is a missing File (like if there is a new Ability (Example: Soul Gust) ask me, I normally should have them.^^

To-Do List[edit source]

(This To-Do List is not only for me, everyone can try to finish some tasks!^^)

  1. Proofreading the Voice Line pages (maybe I do mistakes while transcribing the files, I'm still not a native english speaker)
  2. Transcribing the Voice Line pages
    Still To-Do are: Hunter voice lines  •  Assassin voice lines  •  Sly Scoundrel Assassin voice lines  •  Shinobi Assassin voice lines  •  Six-Shot Cyborg Assassin voice lines  •  Anarchist Assassin voice lines  •  Chained One Assassin voice lines  •  Warrior voice lines  •  Primal Champion Warrior voice lines  •  Lightguard Paladin Warrior voice lines  •  Privateer Warrior voice lines  •  Grandmaster Warrior voice lines  •  Lord of Darkness Warrior voice lines  •  Forgefire Knight Warrior voice lines  •  Hi-Tek Trooper Warrior voice lines  •  Archangel Warrior voice lines  •  Mage voice lines  •  Wandering Alchemist Mage voice lines  •  Kunoichi Mage voice lines  •  Starburst Sorceress Mage voice lines  •  Nightshade Mage voice lines  •  Radon Flux Mage voice lines  •  Technomancer Mage voice lines  •  Seraphim Mage voice lines
  3. Adding missing Weapon information (Ammo, SPS, Damage, DPS, Bullet-drop, Damage-falloff, Element) (IMPORTANT: We dont know Reload Time and Projectile Speed, so that comes later when we are able to get that information from Heroic Leap)
    Still To-Do are: Throwing Axe, Heavy Hammer, Longbow, Crossbow, Arbalest, Sniper Rifle, Shredder, Heirloom Rifle, Ice Staff, Stone Staff, Bolt Staff, Assault Rifle, Burst Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, SMG, The Gatekeeper, LMG, Plasma Launcher

Chat[edit source]

(pls add ~~~ behind the message) I just wanted to say I'll delete some old messages here sometimes, so it doesnt get messy

  • Made something small, it currently has entries for Alpha, OB1 and OB2. You can view it on Staging here Tobi_406 (Talk)
  • Alright, so how do you work on Navbox s? I still can’t figure it out, and decided to ask you. Azzazin (talk)
  • You mean to put a existing Navbox to a page, or to create a new Navbox? To put a existing one to a page, just write {{Navbox|NAVBOX NAME}}. To create a new one, you have to create a Template for that. If you need help with that just ask, thats why Im here^^ Nilo1011 (talk)
  • Sorry, I meant edit. Like to add BokOps to the pastor pass Navbox. Azzazin (talk)
  • No Problem^^ To edit a Navbox, you just have to go to the specific Navbox Template (e.g. Template:Navbox BattlePass), but before adding it there I would wait until it is officially live, so that the Battle Pass Icons are availably. Without them the Template would probably look weird. Nilo1011 (talk)