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There are several different Weapons in Realm Royale. From bows to sniper rifles, swords, and shotguns to even magic staves. Players can find these magical weapons from chests scattered across the map in chests, from Legendary Loot Chests, Loot Goblins and some can be forged.

Most weapons are available in Commons, Rare, Epic and Legendary variants, each stronger than the previous one.

There are also special Epic and Legendary weapons that can be forged by specific classes. These weapons, and some others, will have an Elemental effect with the legendary rarity. These can be either Fire Element Fire (applies a damage over time effect on hit), Frost Element Frost (applies a slowing effect on hit), or Lightning Element Lightning (applies a reveal effect on hit, allowing the player and their teammates to see them even through walls) aspected. Legendary.

All weapons other than the Dagger, Sword, Shotgun, Throwing Axe, Heavy Hammer, Shredder, Ice Staff, and Plasma Launcher can score a headshot. Headshots deal 50% more damage.

To see the stats like Ammo, Damage, Shots per Second (SPS), Damage per Second (DPS), Reload time and so on, please go to the specific weapon page.

List of weaponsEdit

General WeaponsEdit

General Weapons are weapons, which can be found everywhere, with the exception of the last three weapons, which can be only found in Gold-Chests or out of Loot Goblins.

Weapon Common Rare Epic Legendary
Slug Rifle
Assault Rifle
Burst Rifle
Plasma Launcher / / /
LMG / / /
The Gatekeeper / / /

Class WeaponsEdit

Class Weapons are weapons which can be found everywhere, but also can be forged by the specific classes. These weapons only appear in Epic and Legendary rarity.

Weapon Epic Legendary Possible class-bonus
Throwing Axe
Heavy Hammer
Heirloom Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Bolt Staff
Stone Staff
Ice Staff

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